Exceptional Care and Learning


This program is all about quality time. Highly trained teachers devote their days to ensuring your child is safe, secure, and happy. Each child has a primary caregiver, focused on that child’s individual development, and sharing the experience with their family. This program provides:

  • Nurturing classroom environments
  • Educational toys & stimulating activities
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
  • Immersive learning experiences


Educational Daycare Program 


Energy. Excitement. Motion. These are the qualities that define a toddler and they are used in this program to power positive learning experiences.

With plenty of room to move and explore, toddlers are provided nurturing guidance to develop physical skills and master emerging milestones. Toddlers in this program will experience:

  • Stimulating classroom environments
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Educational toys and activities

Two Year Olds:

Developing Independent Learners


The world is a playground for active, energetic 2-year-olds. Channeling that enthusiasm into opportunities for growing, learning, building independence, and achieving success is the hallmark of this unique educational program. We offer our 2-year-old learners:

  • Exclusive curriculum for milestone development
  • Interactive, hands-on learning experiences
  • Variety of tactile learning materials

Early Preschool:

Essential Preschool Preparation


The perfect stepping stone to Preschool, Early Preschool is designed to meet the needs of 30- to 42-month-old children. They learn to work with others, follow directions, self-regulate, follow routines, and develop self-help skills to become independent learners.

This program offers:

  • Exclusive indicator-based curriculum
  • Opportunities to gain independence
  • Collaborative learning experiences


Achieving Kindergarten Readiness


For active little achievers, Preschool is an essential part of the journey to elementary school, and future academic success. Hands-on early childhood learning experiences help children develop key school readiness skills. Our Preschool program focuses on:

  • Fostering independence
  • Cooperation & communication skills
  • Hands-on learning
  • Literacy and number concepts

Pre K:

A Strong Foundation for Kindergarten


At The Children’s Courtyard, Pre-K is an essential stepping stone to kindergarten success. We ensure that children achieve significant development advancements, learn effective communication, and develop collaborative skills, by working independently and in groups through our tried-and-true early childhood educational approach. Our Pre-K program explores:

  • Problem-solving
  • Responsive listening
  • Using language to learn
  • Social and collaborative skills


Fun, exciting, educational mornings and afternoons await your child at The Children’s Courtyard. The five clubs of our My Best Self!™ program for school-age students focus on goal-setting and reflection, complemented by homework support, team-building opportunities, and physical activity.

With a mix of independent and organized activities, education and recreation opportunities, our program offers an involving experience for all students, while giving order and routine to their mornings and afternoons.

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